Best WiseFunds review. Is WiseFunds Legit?

WiseFunds. A lot of things about this Agency do not add up, for starters there does not seem to be any notable regulatory body backing them up, this is one of the biggest indicators of a fraudulent brokerage agency and the reason is simple, a company that is not under any regulatory body does not operate under the standard legal practice of forex trade, thus an investor has no official body to refer to in order to hold them accountable for when there is a breach of trust and agreement and they will most likely get away with it if the proper channels for fund recovery are not known to the victim.


During our investigation, we noticed several duplicate sites run by WiseFunds designated to different countries but not withstanding they are all the same scheme operating through a unified pattern but taking on a different outlook with each individual site; examples of these sites are; and Thus if you have interacted with any of these sites and gone a step further to make a deposit with any of them, it is advisable that you request for immediate withdrawal of funds so as not to get roped into their scheme. They may try to convince you to make a larger deposit and promise you greater returns upon requesting withdrawal, beware! It is just another ploy to get more out of you before leaving you completely handicapped.


Unable to withdraw funds with WiseFunds?

If youhave been unable to withdraw your funds with them, then the writing on the wall is pretty clear; you have been scammed but it is advisable to stay calm so as not to suffer a mental, physical or emotional breakdown which could be detrimental, read on and carry out the following guidelines:

  • Please make sure to write a review detailing your experience with them on other sites to spread the word and warn others from falling victim, this puts them on the spotlight to be exposed and compromises their operation.
  • Second proceed to recover your stolen funds: Many people make the mistake of settling after getting scammed, others go to the police to make a statement or hire a lawyer but while these are intelligent moves to make, they often lead nowhere and have you spending even more money chasing shadows because scam organizations do a lot of work to cover their tracks and most of the time the addresses or locations on their sites are false. A scam broker can be operating from China whilst using an office address in Europe, Australia or the United Kingdom which makesthen very hard to locate.

However there is hope for you if you have lost all your money in trading with WiseFunds, all you have to do is contact, this agency specializes in tracking down the most notorious and untraceable internet based fraudsters and con artists using high grade technology. They have helped hundreds of people recover from scams and regain financial stability and they will help you. Contact them as soon as possible to recover your lost funds.

Shield Forensics – //

Both companies also offer the best trading strategies to help you continually make good amount of money and operate a profitable trading system.

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