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A lot of Asset recovery sites assert themselves the best in the field of wealth recovery and forensics but very few have the tech or expertise to trace an online footprint, track a scammer and recover stolen funds, even when they do they may get you out of the well but may not teach you how to avoid falling into it again because frankly that’s how they stay in business, a decline in scam cases would put most of these most of them out of business.

 Here’s why shield forensics really catches my eye, asides the fact that they have top shelf investigative and fraud detection technology that can fish out some of the most difficult-to-trace scammers on the vast cyber space as well as data imaging tech and working with some of the best private forensic investigators, they also create a partnership with every client, they don’t just get your money back and be on their way but they do a reorientation exercise to transition the victim to being capably in charge of his own financial security moving forward.

They give fraud awareness trainings which literally turns you into a grey hound for fraud detection, you can smell a scam from a mile away. They also educate clients on policies and regulations regarding trading and investing in various countries or regions just to keep you armed with the right information, these perks are not easily offered by most other asset recovery sites or agencies. 

I visit some of the strictest review sites like trust pilot, Quora and site jabber and the reviews on shield forensics are a clear indication of how much in-depth work they do in fighting online fraud and putting an end to the scourge of binary options scams amongst many others but eventually my trust for shield forensics became solid after my first-hand experience with them after helping me recover $1500 I lost to a bogus broker, money I honestly never believed I would ever get back, it feels comforting to know an agency like this exists to count on. All in all I would give them a 5 star rating!