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Finmarket Review

Finmarket Review. Finmarket is owned by K-DNA financial services Ltd, they offer an array of investment products, from forex to CFDs, cyrptocurrencies to commodities, you name it! They’ve got it!! Their uniquely innovative web based trading platforms makes trading a whole new and exciting experience with 3 major user friendly options depending on device you use; via web or mobile trader and the Metatrader 4 software which is hot right now in the world of trading/exchange and is currently the best trading platform yet, the great thing about this is it puts you a step ahead in the market, offering you tools which allow you act on market changes in a flash with charting and analysis enabled. This feature is the reason finmarket is on most traders’ radar right now. Unfortunately they do not offer services to investors from the United States but accepts investors within Cyprus, the United Kingdom and other regions of the world without legal prohibitions to trading with the minimum deposit for a first time trader on the platform set at $250; they also offer multi-lingual support allowing for a diverse clientele.

Is finmarket regulated?

 Finmarket is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, CySEC with license number 273/15. Fin market operates under the European Union’s anti-money laundering legislation and Markets in Financial Instruments Derivative, MiFiD stipulations to guarantee customer security. They also make public their legal documentation and policies to clients for transparency.

Risk Disclosure

Finmarket recommends their first time clients or investors are fully aware of the risk factors involved in trading virtual currencies and CFDs before signing upon the platform or purchasing a product, owing to the volatile nature of the market. They also include a warning within, informing clients not to invest more than they are comfortable risking. 

Pros and cons of trading with Finmarket


  • High security
  • Transparency 
  • Offers multiple trading platforms
  • Offers MT4 trading
  • Offers a demo account for educational purposes
  • Licensed and regulated
  • Customer support available 24/6
  • Offers multiple trading accounts


  • High spreads
  • FAQs not included on the website
  • US traders not accepted 
  • Low leverage ratio on basic accounts

No broker or trading platform is without its flaws, however Finmarket has maintained a standard and struggled to remain afloat in the ever competitive and dynamic trading industry since its inception in 2015 and has a good reputation amongst investors for the most part due to high level professionalism in their operations. Their level of transparency has solidified their legitimacy in the minds of traders making them a broker of choice.

CONCLUSION: have one of the largest databases of listed unregulated brokers on the market, which they have successfully recovered monies from.
They have a wealth of experience in tackling both local and international fraudsters and are happy to tackle all cases however complex.
With very good online reviews their simplistic, emphatic and successful approach is a proven serum for the recovery of funds.

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iphone, hand, screen-410311.jpg
iphone, hand, screen-410311.jpg

FREE TRICKS US IPHONE. IPhones remain at the number one spot in smartphone markets around the world, as much as it is purchased and as much as iPhone users are attached to their devices, very few of them have barely scratched the surface regarding just how much an iPhone can do to open up a whole new world of smart phone tech and unlock super exciting new levels of user experience that could make their everyday lives considerably easier. Read on to unlock the mysteries of your iPhone with these free hacks accessible with the new iOS 13 software:

  • Slo-mo selfie

One of the coolest things about an iPhone is the camera and it gets cooler with this feature that allows you to shoot slow motion selfies that would be great to post on apps like instagram or tiktok, if you use an iphone 11, 11 pro or 11 pro max, here how you could get started with switching up your selfie game:

  • Open your camera 
  • Tap Slo-mo
  • Switch to front camera
  • Tap the record button
  • Hold down the record button and slide to the right to shoot hand-free
  • Stop iMessages from expiring

Imessage audios characteristically disappear in about two minutes but not a lot of users know they can prevent this from happening to access audio messages for a longer time period, here’s how:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap Messages
  • Scroll down to Audio Messages
  • Tap expire
  • Select never
  • Measure with your iPhone

No tape? No problem! This feature is preinstalled into the IOS12 and above and helps you take measurements of rooms or random objects; it’s an easy fix fro when you need to measure the distance between two separate ends. How to get started:

  • Open the measure app
  • Move the device around the object to be measured to capture frame of reference
  • Keep moving until a circle appears with a white dot within
  • Move your iphone so the dot is at the starting point of the object to be measured
  • Tap the + button
  • Slowly move your device until the dot is at the opposite end of the object 
  • Tap + again
  • Adjust the start and end points
  • Touch and hold one point and drag to your desired point to change the measurement
  • Save  measurement
  • Phone Self-destruct

If you have sensitive information on your phone that you’d rather destroy or lose than share then you might find this hack quite helpful. Your iPhone has the capacity to erase all its data after 10 incorrect passcode inputs, after the 5th attempt your IOS would enable a 1-minute timeout before allowing you try again and 5-minutes after the 6th failed attempt then 15-minutes after the7th and it keeps increasing up until the tenth, making 10 failed attempts at unlocking an iPhone could take up to three hours of timeout and that could only mean your phone has either been stolen or your information is at risk of exposure in the wrong hands. Here’s how to enable the self-destruct feature:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap Touch ID & Passcode
  • Enter your passcode
  • Toggle on “Erase data” setting 
  • Spirit level

For quick house hold projects, this feature could come in handy to get perfect symmetry when assembling furniture or hanging objects which you need to be perfectly perpendicular or parallel to a frame of reference. How to use this feature:

  • Open the measure app
  • Select the level option by the right to enable
  • Place on the object 
  • Fitness tracker

Instead of buying a separate fitness tracking device, you can use your iphone, it automatically tracks your steps just like a fitness device would, because it has the feature pre-installed and keeps record of how many steps you have taken since you had it. You can also check your other apple devices connected to you iphone for foot count as the app automatically sends the data to your connected devices. To track your steps;

  • Open the health app
  • Check how many steps you have taken so far and per day
  • Check daily or after a walk or run to keep track
  • Find your vehicle

If you happen to be in a super crowded parking lot or often forget where you parked, you can easily find your car using your iPhone and save yourself the hassle of walking around in circles, all you need is the Maps app on your phone and your Bluetooth connected to car play. How to use this feature:

  • Go to settings
  • On the menu choose Maps
  • At the bottom of the list displayed tap on your car from the options suggested
  • Toggle on “show parked location”
  • Ensure the button turns green to know it’s on
  • The maps indicates where your car is parked using a marker that guides you to its location

CONCLUSION: have one of the largest databases of listed unregulated brokers on the market, which they have successfully recovered monies from.
They have a wealth of experience in tackling both local and international fraudsters and are happy to tackle all cases however complex.
With very good online reviews their simplistic, emphatic and successful approach is a proven serum for the recovery of funds.

CONTACT: Get your money back guaranteed with shield forensics

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Top scams online
scams online, road sign, attention, note-464641.jpg

Scams Online

Internet fraud is rapidly evolving in response to the exposure of older tactics used to scam the unsuspecting and the internet remains one of the easiest means to perpetuate untraceable scams, taking advantage of the virtual nature of the internet which allows little to no knowledge of physical identities and the use of aliases. These are the top online scams today that you should be weary of: 

  • Lottery scams: the internet is rife with this kind of fraud because of how eager most people online are to win free stuff. It usually comes through an email or direct message congratulating you for winning a bogus sum of money or some other gift like an expensive gadget, a lot of times these scams hide behind the name of a legitimate and well-known brand to gain the target’s trust but the red flag is they would always require some sort of fee coined as shipping cost or tax to redeem your winnings whereas a real lottery win will not require you to pay a fee but would rather subtract tax from your winnings. Care has to be taken when coming across such because rushing into it out of excitement will get you in a huge mess but the truth is always in the details as most of such fake lottery notifications contain heavy typos that can’t be ignored. They can come in many forms, even claiming to be from yahoo, g-mail or your network provider, thus if you know you didn’t apply for any sort of lottery, it is best to ignore such messages and avoid clicking the links all together. 
  • Travel scams: even at the peak of covid-19 and the incidence of the lockdown, travel scams remained prevalent, several governments banned travel in or out of their countries but this only opened up a window of opportunity for scammers who knew that most people had booked flights that they can no longer make and not many of them would have travel insurance to cover the losses, thus they pose as airline representatives claiming to offer refunds for cancelled flights due to the coronavirus, they would often require your bank/credit card information and once shared would access your bank account and wipe it clean. Travel scams could take other forms like fake all-expense paid trips/tours, hotel reservations & car rentals. You have to make sure to do a background check on travel companies before dealing with them and ensure to use only well-known companies and even then go directly to their websites to make a reservation rather than doing so via random online links.  
  • Online dating scams: this remains one of the most difficult scams to eradicate because the need for companionship & love keeps the market for this kind of scam booming, scammers create a persona that appeals to victims, faking an entire lifestyle that would seem attractive and interesting, eventually when they reel a victim in through these facades and build the target’s trust, they present a sad story of a dire situation which requires an amount of money to settle like; treating a terminally ill relative or being stranded and unable to travel to meet up for the first time or even getting robbed of all their supposed wealth and needing help to recover. It is important to have a voice of reason when dealing with these sorts of requests from online lovers because chances are sending the money will only have you sending even more later-on until there’s nothing left and they will most likely never meet you in person.
  • Phishing scams: this is one of the most common and easily perpetuated internet scams, usually the scammer would impersonate a trusted individual who could be your service provider, colleague or even friend in order to extract sensitive information from you like your credit card information, social security number or other personal identification number, these types of scams are presented through malicious software or links on social media or messaging apps, thus if you are skeptical about a link, it is advisable to not click on it and carefully review an email and its source before responding to it or sending sensitive feedback.
  • Online sales scams: these days there are almost equally as many fake online stores/e-commerce sites as there are real ones and many of them appear well set up with nice websites and attractive products displayed but that is as real as they will ever get, they usually clone popular brands but one way to tell the real from the fake is they usually have price slashes that are too good to be true, the second you place an order and pay for it, you will wait forever to receive what you thought you paid for and eventually they vanish after gathering as much as they targeted. It is ideal to shop directly from product brands and double check the website of the store you have an interest in patronizing. 

As much as effort are being made to curb online scams, they keep popping up and improving their tactics, the best way to stay protected is to avoid impulsive online transactions and fact check every information received online before subscribing to it. If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t real.

CONCLUSION: have one of the largest databases of listed unregulated brokers on the market, which they have successfully recovered monies from.
They have a wealth of experience in tackling both local and international fraudsters and are happy to tackle all cases however complex.
With very good online reviews their simplistic, emphatic and successful approach is a proven serum for the recovery of funds.

CONTACT: Get your money back guaranteed with shield forensics

Best Asset Recovery Solution

Asset Recovery Expert

asset recovery

A lot of Asset recovery sites assert themselves the best in the field of wealth recovery and forensics but very few have the tech or expertise to trace an online footprint, track a scammer and recover stolen funds, even when they do they may get you out of the well but may not teach you how to avoid falling into it again because frankly that’s how they stay in business, a decline in scam cases would put most of these most of them out of business.

 Here’s why shield forensics really catches my eye, asides the fact that they have top shelf investigative and fraud detection technology that can fish out some of the most difficult-to-trace scammers on the vast cyber space as well as data imaging tech and working with some of the best private forensic investigators, they also create a partnership with every client, they don’t just get your money back and be on their way but they do a reorientation exercise to transition the victim to being capably in charge of his own financial security moving forward.

They give fraud awareness trainings which literally turns you into a grey hound for fraud detection, you can smell a scam from a mile away. They also educate clients on policies and regulations regarding trading and investing in various countries or regions just to keep you armed with the right information, these perks are not easily offered by most other asset recovery sites or agencies. 

I visit some of the strictest review sites like trust pilot, Quora and site jabber and the reviews on shield forensics are a clear indication of how much in-depth work they do in fighting online fraud and putting an end to the scourge of binary options scams amongst many others but eventually my trust for shield forensics became solid after my first-hand experience with them after helping me recover $1500 I lost to a bogus broker, money I honestly never believed I would ever get back, it feels comforting to know an agency like this exists to count on. All in all I would give them a 5 star rating!