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Our team includes forensic experts who employ modern and cutting-edge technology in recovering your funds tracking down PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, Wire Transfers, and all other forms of payments.

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Our analysis of your claims is thorough and carried out by some of the best attorneys in the business by pursuing effective class actions against the offending Parties( in this case, Investment platforms ).

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Our clients can be rest assured that our customer support service is unrivaled. We have a dedicated team working all round the clock to ensure that customers get all the professional support they require. Our customer service is top-notch and this is evident in our testimonials.

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Best Wealth Recovery Expert: ShieldForensics

Hire Bitcoin Wealth recovery Expert to Recover Scammed Bitcoin

Hire a bitcoin wealth recovery expert to recover scammed bitcoin. A bitcoin wealth recovery expert is able to track bitcoin transactions and also investigate and apply all necessary technical processes needed to recover funds lost to bitcoin investment scam and other high level digital currency scams.

Using the service of a bitcoin wealth recovery expert to recover scammed bitcoin, offers you the best and the largest crypto recovery / reclaim solution by providing the potential for billions of dollars in misappropriated cryptocurrency to be effectively and legally recovered.

Before now, there was no end-to-end effective solution in the public market for pursuing the rights of victims of cryptocurrency-related frauds. The early stage, cross-border character, scale, and new technological complexity of blockchain has hindered efforts of victims and law enforcement. A bitcoin wealth recovery expert is able to use the combination of fit for purpose technology, operational processes, experience and capabilities to effectively recover scammed or stolen bitcoin and other misappropriated virtual assets.

wealth recovery expert

Best Bitcoin Recovery Expert to Recover Scammed Bitcoin

Who needs to hire a bitcoin wealth recovery expert? Anyone who has lost cryptocurrency funds in any form of a hack, shut down and/or hacked exchange, ransomware, ransoms, fake ICOs or who simply has lost funds by sending them to the wrong address. Did you lose lose access to your account by losing your bitcoin private key or, did you lose money to fake bitcoin miners?

You can get all your lost funds back by hiring one of the best bitcoin wealth recovery experts out there. After a lot of thorough examination and scrutiny, we present to you the 2 best bitcoin recovery experts;

ShieldForensics – Email address: Shieldforensics@tuta.io / Website: www.shieldforensics.com

Recover Money from Binary Options and Forex Loss

Have you been misled and scammed by Online Trading, Binary Options / Forex or Cryptocurrency? It is time to recover the money you lost with Binary Options! Once you know how scammers work and all their tricks, then it is almost certain you will get your money back. There are networks of interconnected specialists and firms which is 100% operational and worldwide.

This networks knows how to follow and recover your money, making sure it is refunded. If you got hurt by one of those scammers, please contact one of the recommended wealth recovery experts with the form urgently, we assure you that you will get your money back within a short period of time. Let us examine 2 ways to recover money lost to binary options;

A.) Get Your Money Back Through a Chargeback: If you’ve fallen victim to a binary options scam then the easiest way to get your money back is through something known as a chargeback. A chargeback is a way of claiming your money back directly via your card-issuer or bank & its very effective.

By issuing a chargeback you do not have to deal with the binary options company directly, instead you simply deal with your card-issuer or bank & they handle the communications with the specific company that scammed you on your behalf.

The good thing about the chargeback is that the customer is generally favored to win the case right from the very start. As a customer issuing a chargeback your card-issuer/bank basically takes your side & then it is up to the merchant (the company that scammed you) to prove that they delivered a quality service to you.

Here are a few quick important points about chargebacks:

You can use a chargeback even if the company has since closed down

Typically you must make a chargeback within 120 days of when you first noticed the problem

Visa has an overall chargeback cut off date of 540 days from the date you initially sent the money

B.) Hire a Wealth recovery Expert to Recover Money Lost to Binary Options Forex: Since I spent a lot of time exposing these scam binary systems & brokers over the past couple of years I’ve had a lot of people who’ve been involved (and burned) by binary options systems reach out to me for help.

To this day I still get emails from people, but what I’ve noticed recently is a trend of people asking me about specific binary option recovery companies that claim they are dedicated to helping binary options victims to get their money back.

Now these companies certainly can help, but a chargeback is actually something you can do yourself (and its fairly straight forward too). I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it right here in this blog post & if you feel confident you can attempt to handle the case yourself.

Hire Wealth recovery Experts to Recover your Lost Funds and Get Money Back from Binary Options Forex

So if you decide you would like the help of a third party company, then they’d be my top pick but if you’re feeling confident about tackling it yourself then you need to initiate a chargeback via your card issuer to attempt to get a refund.

Recover from binary options, forex trading losses. Get professional help to recover money loss in binary options loss, recovery of money from binary options fraud, forex and binary options trading scam recovery. Stop losing money, and recover your money within the shortest time frame. Contact any of this wealth recovery experts;

Shield Forensics – Shieldforensics@tuta.io // www.shieldforensics.com/

Both companies also offer the best trading strategies to help you continually make good amount of money and operate a profitable trading system.

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Best WiseFunds review. Is WiseFunds Legit?

WiseFunds. A lot of things about this Agency do not add up, for starters there does not seem to be any notable regulatory body backing them up, this is one of the biggest indicators of a fraudulent brokerage agency and the reason is simple, a company that is not under any regulatory body does not operate under the standard legal practice of forex trade, thus an investor has no official body to refer to in order to hold them accountable for when there is a breach of trust and agreement and they will most likely get away with it if the proper channels for fund recovery are not known to the victim.


During our investigation, we noticed several duplicate sites run by WiseFunds designated to different countries but not withstanding they are all the same scheme operating through a unified pattern but taking on a different outlook with each individual site; examples of these sites are; wisefunds.in and wisefunds.eu. Thus if you have interacted with any of these sites and gone a step further to make a deposit with any of them, it is advisable that you request for immediate withdrawal of funds so as not to get roped into their scheme. They may try to convince you to make a larger deposit and promise you greater returns upon requesting withdrawal, beware! It is just another ploy to get more out of you before leaving you completely handicapped.


Unable to withdraw funds with WiseFunds?

If youhave been unable to withdraw your funds with them, then the writing on the wall is pretty clear; you have been scammed but it is advisable to stay calm so as not to suffer a mental, physical or emotional breakdown which could be detrimental, read on and carry out the following guidelines:

  • Please make sure to write a review detailing your experience with them on other sites to spread the word and warn others from falling victim, this puts them on the spotlight to be exposed and compromises their operation.
  • Second proceed to recover your stolen funds: Many people make the mistake of settling after getting scammed, others go to the police to make a statement or hire a lawyer but while these are intelligent moves to make, they often lead nowhere and have you spending even more money chasing shadows because scam organizations do a lot of work to cover their tracks and most of the time the addresses or locations on their sites are false. A scam broker can be operating from China whilst using an office address in Europe, Australia or the United Kingdom which makesthen very hard to locate.

However there is hope for you if you have lost all your money in trading with WiseFunds, all you have to do is contact Shieldforensics.com, this agency specializes in tracking down the most notorious and untraceable internet based fraudsters and con artists using high grade technology. They have helped hundreds of people recover from scams and regain financial stability and they will help you. Contact them as soon as possible to recover your lost funds.

Shield Forensics – Shieldforensics@tuta.io // www.shieldforensics.com/

Both companies also offer the best trading strategies to help you continually make good amount of money and operate a profitable trading system.

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Best Finmarket Review. Is FinMarket a legitimate broker?

Finmarket Review. If you find yourself asking this question then it is for one of two reasons; you are either a new investor looking to put money down with the right broker for great profit or you are an active investor worried about the fate of your funds with the agency, in either case this review will tell you all you need to know.

chart, trading, courses, finmartket

FinMarket Review and Red Flags

Based on facts attained through thorough investigation, a lot of red flags have been identified concerning Finmarket and they are too many to be ignored not to mention there has been quite an alarming number of individuals whose cases we have looked into and found to be linked to the agency which they believed to be legitimate and trusted them with large amounts of money, which begs the question; how can they be a scam operation when they are regulated? That exact question is what this review seeks to clarify amongst other details to uncover just how sketchy the entire operation of Finmarket is.

This review might be quite disheartening to read if you have already deposited your monies andin active trade with them but not to worry, it does not come without proper assistance on how to track them and recover your funds. The first step is to halt further deposits to them effective immediately and begin your journey to recovery through the guide that will be presented as you read on.

About Finmarket

FINMARKET is a forex brokerage agency owned and operated by K-DNA financial services Ltd which was founded in 2015. At first glance they would seem quite legit, especially being that they are licensed and regulated by the Cyprus securities and exchange commission (CySEC) but even that does not offer you total protection and safety from falling victim of their scam as the CySEC has a bad reputation of running a very loose system that allows fraudulent brokers slip through the cracks.



One of the major ways in which they reel their victims in is through impeccable customer service or so it seems, giving you trading advice and letting you know when there is a supposed open window for maximum profit within the market, thus encouraging you to plunge in with a decent chunk of money, sometimes it may appear that you are making a profit as they tweak their platform and  manipulate the numbers to make it look that way but you will likely never be able to withdraw said profit, they further encourage you to make a higher risk investment and  then suddenly the market plunges causing you to lose abysmally. This is the point where their scheme becomes glaring as the once supportive companion you thought the agency to be becomes completely unresponsive because your loss is ultimately their gain. If you find the above description typical of your experience with the agency, you need to contact shieldforensics.com to report the case as you may have been scammed and do so early while there is yet hope to trace and recover your funds.


  • Dummy reviews: most of their reviews are falsely generated and orchestrated by the agency using multiple accounts to legitimize their scheme to the inexperienced eye but there is always a way to spot them as these reviews look very scripted and bare many similarities.
  • False advertising: they sell false hope and often over exaggerate potential winnings in a bid to appeal to the senses of the eager and inexperienced investor.
  • Hounding customers to make a deposit: there is always a sense of urgency in the way they incite you to make a deposit and constantly try to get you to part with your available funds.
  • Untraceable means of communication: it is nearly impossible to have a readable track record of your conversations and exchanges with them as they limit communication to voice calls only and avoid means of communication that can be recalled.

Getting scammed of hard earned money can be quite nerve wracking and often takes an emotional toll on the victim but it is advisable not to dwell on the loss but immediately spring into action to get justice and your money back. Is it possible? Absolutely. Shieldforensics.com is responsible for thousands of fund recovery cases and counting and yours will not be an exception.

Shield Forensics – Shieldforensics@tuta.io // www.shieldforensics.com/

Both companies also offer the best trading strategies to help you continually make good amount of money and operate a profitable trading system.

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A few facts about Shield Forensics

Situated in the World\'s Financial Center, New York, Shield Forensics has a strong stand point against online fraud. We provide wealth recovery services for individuals and companies who have lost money through fraudulent online platforms such as fake binary options brokers, forex and our network of investigative associates spans across the globe making us quite prominent in this field.

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